Italgabbie is the company that marked an unprecedented change in the world of bird breeding at the end of the nineties when we launched the first, screw-free closable cage.

“Our brand comes out on top by focusing on the creation of an innovative cage that helps in breeding birds thanks to its practicality and functionality.
This is how, in 1998, while the company was managed by our fathers, the first closable cage with screwless mounting appeared on the market.
Today, the baton has been passed to me, my cousin Eleonora and my brother Giacomo. We have gathered and revived the passion of our parents and have turned it into a job serving customers around the world. Our mission has been to update our conventional products and to create new ones with a bubbly, out-of-the-ordinary design which has now become a peculiar feature of our brand!”

- Daniele Dal Santo Executive Manager –


First cage without screws


Generational change