The main application that any breeder should download in the smartphone or tablet.
Breeding Control allows you to create and manage with a finger-touch you lighting programs from the comfort of an armchair.
You can select the light intensity and lighting time of your farm, reproduce the whole solar day from the sunrise to the sunset and decide whether to keep the moonlight on.

Create your customized programs:

  • Decide the name of the program
  • Set the cycle starting (SUNRISE) and stopping (SUNSET) time thus simulating the real day, programming the sunrise and sunset time and the maximum light intensity during the day!
  • Turn the nightlight on and off
  • Set energy saving during direct sunlight hours.
  • Add notes and reminders to the programs

Only Breeding Control allows you to manage an unlimited number of batteries or cages positioned in different rooms without the need of cables.

Nothing to lose! IT’S FREE! Download it now! Try it and decide if you want to manage your farm with the touch of a finger!

*Application compatible only with Italgabbie LED bars and lamps. For Android 4.3 systems or higher and for IOS7 or later versions with Bluetooth 4.0

To download the IOS Apple app click here

To download the Android app click here