EASY WATER is the new Italgabbie automatic watering system.

EASY WATER support can be used on all breeding cage models included in our production range. When purchased with the cage, it is attached on the back; if bought later you need to change the back of the cage.

The nozzles are made of stainless steel, which has remarkable resistance to corrosion and guarantees the long life of the product.

No plastic components! The whole support is made of iron that, like any Italgabbie product, is galvanized to prevent corrosion and then powder-coated for additional protection, thus giving it a pleasant look and avoiding a significant impact in your livestock.

The support was purposely designed to avoid wasting part of birds’ living space.

The external installation makes the cleaning intervention easier; the equipment can be removed from the cage without disturbing the birds, mainly during mating and brooding.

Moreover, thanks to external installation, the birds will use it just for watering. No more water waste like it was when the nozzle was used for bathing, thus avoiding water spills wetting the paper, which may easily break when pulled.

Unlike traditional watering systems commercially available, our product includes vertical nozzles WITHOUT SPRING. The birds can no longer obstruct the nozzle with seeds or dirt: no more water leaks. The fowls drink the drop of water that is released when they touch the pin with their beak.

At the bottom of the support, a small tank, which can be pipe-connected to the rest of the system, collects the water drops in excess.

The system includes a tank equipped with a float indicating the water level so that, if the system is connected to the water line, it fills automatically.

The system includes a drain tap for easy cleaning.



– Suitable for all Italgabbie cage models
– Stainless steel nozzles
– Body completely galvanized and epoxy powder coated
– Installed outside the cage
– Quick cleaning of the support
– Antiwaste
– Springless nozzle
– Integrated recovery system
– Tank with float / Direct water supply connection
– Water drain

– We recommend letting the birds to get used to the watering system gradually. In addition to the new system, leave the standard siphon drinkers in the first period (3 days minimum), then keep the siphon drinkers during the night and remove them during the day, at the last stage remove any siphon drinker during the night and gradually remove them all thus using only EASY WATER system.
– We suggest cleaning the system every 10 days: drain the water completely by opening the drain tap, which must be connected to a tank or a sink so as to avoid flood.
– Completely fill the system with clean water through the connected tank.
– If the system is equipped only with tank, we recommend checking the water level at least once a day. Although the breeder will decide the interval time according to his needs and use.
– Even if the system is connected to the water supply we recommend emptying it so as to keep it clean and prevent stagnant water problems resulting in moss or harmful microorganisms, as it usual happens with conventional siphon drinkers.
– We suggest replacing the pipes once a year.

Note: The interval time and suggestions above are approximate and fully subjective. The breeder himself should use common sense to understand the needs of his birds and to keep their wellness.