Easy Light is the first livestock LED lighting system that can be controlled by smartphone and tablet!

Thanks to the new “Breeding Control” application, which acts as a programmer and is in free download, our light smart bars receive the data entered in the App and transfer them to all the light bars connected (31 pcs max)


– You do not need to buy software

– Our free App acts as programmer and offers you the free choice and different options (see application details)

– All the cables are pre-wired. No qualified technician is required: just connect the wires to the led bars and the quick coupling plugs to the connectors.

– Energy saving. Low consumption compared to traditional incandescent and neon lamps, less than 0.5 Watt/h per light bar. You can set the time-slot switch off for energy saving

– Our App has no maximum limit for programmable cages as traditional programmers

– Real sunlight simulator: Sunrise and Sunset 3000° K, day 5500° K, night 470 NM, with possibility of customized intensity

– Our app can control light systems in an unlimited number of rooms or even places

– You can create a different program for each smart bar (ex: a smart bar can control a full battery of cages, up to 31 light bars maximum, running the desired program; if a smart bar is installed on each cage of the battery, you can create and run different programs for each cage)



– Our LED bars can be used on all the cages in the market. You can stick them to the cages with double-sided adhesive tape (for smooth surfaces) or with straps (for mesh surfaces).

– Our special EASY SYSTEM supports are available for all our models. When installing the LED bars on the supports a soft light will radiate inside the cage, not directly on the birds. The inclination of the support was purposely designed to reflect light on the top of the cage thus reaching the pets in a delicate way.

Lighting system assembly and removal will be easier during cleaning thanks to the coupling system of our supports. EASY SYSTEM cables will not be visible.



– Keep the LED bars away from water.

– Before cleaning the cages disconnect the LED bars or remove our EASY SYSTEM supports.

– Do not use cleanser, water or similar for LED bar cleaning.

– Use dry soft cloths or brushes for dust removal.

– Handle the cables carefully and gently disconnect them from the connectors.