EASY CLEAN is the new cleaning system that only Italgabbie can offer!

It includes four main elements: rubber belt, scraper, drawer and sponge..

Turn the handle or switch on the motor to operate EASY CLEAN. The dirty part of the belt under the cage runs below a metal scraper removing the dirt and dropping it into the drawer. The following belt passage on the sponge, previously wet with water and sanitizer, allows thorough cleaning by removing any residual dirt that may cause bad odours and proliferation of germs, bacteria and allergens.

Now the belt is cleaned!


– Old paper or drawer cleaning systems are eliminated.

– Goodbye to disposal problems of most types of paper, which is well known to be a special waste that cannot be treated as urban waste but must be brought to garbage dump.

– Water leaks from baths or siphons will not cause problems as it happens when wetting traditional paper thus causing tears or rips on it.

– Fast and easy cleaning intervention: just turn the handle, switch the motor on or set the timer.

– Stop to paper purchasing and disposal costs.


BRONZE: with manual handle starting the belt run.

GOLD: with motor starting the belt run when connected to power supply. You can also connect it to any commercially available timer to program the automatic cleaning time.

Soon connectable to our App BREEDING CONTROL


Suitable for our models 64-66-67-68-73-74-75-76-80-82-83-84-85

Soon it will be compatible with all our wall cages and other models on the market.


-We recommend a scheduled and continuous use of EASY CLEAN system for constant sanitization of the breeding cage to prevent dirt accumulation and drying.

-In case of excessive drying of the droppings, we recommend soaking the belt with a spray (just only water) before running it.

-Wet the sponge any time you perform cleaning.

-Periodically wash the sponge and sanitize it, if necessary.

– Use non-toxic and odourless products.

– Replace the sponge when it is worn out on both sides.

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