The front of the Ortensia cages is equipped with 4 doors for external feeders and 4 front doors (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom). The cage can be divided into two parts using the mesh or sheet metal partition (available upon request). At the back of the cage, there are suitable holes to which the internal nest can be hooked and another two square holes where our support (available upon request) for the internal feeder can be inserted.

  • Internal dimensions (in cm): 57 x 33 x 33 H
  • External dimensions (in cm): 60 x 38 x 46.5 H
  • Standard colour: white and blue
  • Optional colours: white and lime green, black and Gloucester green
  • 4 (four) wooden perches, with a brass stud on one end for fastening them to the back and a groove on the other end for fastening them to the front, are included
  • 1 (one) 60 cm grill is included
  • Maximum number of cages that can be stacked vertically: 5
  • Maximum number of cages that can be joined horizontally: 10

Types of cleaning systems available

  • Paper roll cleaning system: includes 1 (one) paper roll for each level
  • Pull-out tray cleaning system: includes 1 (one) pull-out tray under each cage

Structure for wall-mounting: included in the price

Types of stands on wheels:  it is possible to purchase a stand on wheels with customised dimensions, only upon request

Optional accessories and spare parts

  • Grill for the bottom of the cage
  • Pull-out cleaning tray
  • 36 cm Paper roll (4 pieces per box)
  • Mesh partition for dividing the cage into 30cm compartments
  • Feeders and drinkers
  • Easy Light system
  • Perches (20 pieces per box)

Items compatible with the product length: art.70





Cage 5

232.5 cm

Cage 4

186 cm

Cage 3

139.5 cm

Cage 2

93 cm

Cage 1

46.5 cm


Cage 1

Cage 2 Cage 3 Cage 4 Cage 5 Cage 6 Cage 7 Cage 8 Cage 9

Cage 10

60 cm

120 cm 180 cm 240 cm 300 cm 360 cm 420 cm 480 cm 540 cm

600 cm


  • With the Paper Roll Cleaning System, add 20cm to each level


* All images are included for illustrative purposes, optional items shown in the photos are not included in the price. Products can be modified.